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Potatoes are one of Pakistan's stable commodity and primary exportable horticulture commodity. It is the fourth most significant crop in terms of bulk production. It is highly nourished and rich in carbohydrates. Pakistan produces good quality potatoes and ranks 20th among the potato producing countries in the world. The first generation seeds used for cultivation were imported from Holland - regarded as one of the best potatoes across the globe.

Potato Varieties of Pakistan
Variety Shape Color of Flesh
Diamant Oval Light Yellow
Cardinal Oval Light Yellow
Desiree Long Oval Light Yellow
Raja Oval Yellow
Sante Oval Light Yellow
Potato Crop Season
Potato Crop Season Harvest Month
Autumn Crop January - March
Summer Crop April - May
Spring Crop July - September

Where We Export:

  • Commonwealth of Independent States(CIS) countries
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • Gulf Countries

Potato Grading requires numerous processing steps.

Processing Steps Description

Potato INLET

Feeding conveyor

After initial manual sorting, potatoes are fed to the feeding conveyor via hopper.


Grader 25-40mm

The purpose of Goli Grader is to sorl the under size potatoes that is less than 40 mm size.


Washer Rooter Tub

The facility permits the provision of rotary washer in which potatoes are washed with the rotary action to get the highly washed potatoes. Optionally, this step is exempted for unwashed potatoes.
Chemical Spray
Washing is done through nozzle sprays and chemical spray implies wax coating and anti- sprouting application as per customer requirements and destination wise to prevent weight loss. lf there is any hint of dust that will be removed via duster. For unwashed potatoes, no washing with nozzle spray, only dust can be removed via duster.


Sorting Feeder

At this stage, potatoes are sorted. The criterion based on sorting of under quality potatoes.



The purpose of dryer is to ensure that before final grading and packing, the potatoes are absolutely dry.


1st Grader 40-60mm

It refers to above mentioned standard Again sorting for standard potatoes done here.


2nd Grader 60-80mm

It illustrates 60 - 80 mm potatoes sizes under strict sorting operation done manually.


3rd Grader 80-100mm

It narrates grading of potatoes up to 100 mm with 80 mm lower limit.
Packing After grading, potatoes are packed as per requirement.
Product Storage The packed potatoes are transferred to cold store under standard conditions.

Cold Stores:

Total capacity of l4000 Metric tons of cold storage in which the capacity of 25OO Metric Tons is specifically designed for Potato storage equipped with controlled atmosphere technology and further storage capacity for storing fruits pulp/puree & juice concentrate other fresh produce.


5 KG, 10 KG, 15 KG, 20 KG,25 KG transport through reefer containers as per customer requirement load on pallets or without pallets of total commodity weight 28 to 30 Tons.

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